The Car Doctor

Body work overhaul, paint correction and detailing

Is your cars paintwork looking a little tired? Then our body work overhaul service is for you.

If your vehicle has swirl marks, minor scratching, cob webs, holograms, oxidisation or fading paintwork then we can help to remove them and bring your paintwork and vehicle back to its former glory.

Stage 1. Removal and preparation

Your vehicle is washed, and a special bar is used to remove tree sap, brake dust and road tar.

Stage 2. Scratch removal and touch ups

We remove all the fine scratches using special sand papers and techniques.
Remember that usually if you can catch your finger nail in a scratch then it is too deep to polish out.

Stage 3. Polish

Using special materials, tools and professional polishing compounds.

Stage 4. Wax

Wax is applied giving your paintwork clarity and shine, protecting against UV, swirling and helping with the repelling of dirt.

This service is specialised and takes a long time – up to a full day depending on the size of your vehicle. We are specialists and take time, use our experience, patience, specialist techniques products and tools to bring your car back to nearly new.

Paintwork overhaul
Fully overhauled bodywork bringing the paintwork back to new