The Car Doctor

Same Day Paintless Car Dent Removal in Milton Keynes

At The Car Doctor we can repair car dents in two ways. Our preferred method is P.D.R paintless dent removal. So if you have a small dent where the paint has not been damaged we are able to repair these by accessing the panel using our special tools to apply pressure to the dent and bring the metal back to its original form.

If the paint has been damaged however, we can repair this by the use of body filler, sanding and then colour matching your vehicles paint colour and blending the repair to ensure it can not be seen. This method also enables us to repair dents in difficult to access places such as sills double skinned wheel arches and roof rails.

We will be able to advise you the best and most cost effective solution to repair you car dents by popping in to see us or you could email some pictures. The repair time for P.D.R is usally around 30 minutes. If we need to fill and spray the dent around 2-3 hours. As usual this is carried out at our fully equipped express body repair unit in Salford, MK.

dent removal beforeDent removal example – Before
dent removal afterDent removal example – After


So for car dent removal in Milton Keynes, contact The Car Doctor on 01908 969 495.