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Corporate, trade, car rental, fleet operators, insurance companies and private car users

How can we help you?
At The Car Doctor, we welcome enquiries from either the general public, trade and commercial customers.

General Public
A trip to the supermarket or doing the school run can sometimes mean unwanted damage to your vehicle.
Using our specialized techniques explained here in this site, we can repair almost any interior or exterior damage sustained to your vehicle. Our costs are always less than at traditional body shop and can be less than your insurance excess so you do not have to lose any no claims bonus and your premiums will not rise.

We can also help where you are driving a lease or company car and it incurs any damage or is due to be returned. Just give us a call two to three weeks before it is due to go back and we can quote you for any repairs required and sometimes some you may not have noticed. We can save you lots of money on return costs by repairing using SMART repair before the car is returned to them.

Corporate Customers
As well as the above service to the public, we provide it to our corporate customers with fleets of lease cars or hire car companies. We can help you maintain your vehicles in pristine condition so you don’t incur expensive return costs.

Trade Customers
The Car Doctor can provide SMART repair services to used car showroom owners or managers to help maximize your profits and vehicle retail values ensuring your forecourt is full of vehicles in pristine condition.
By having minor interior or exterior damage repaired by ourselves we save you time, our repairs are quick and convenient. Using our service will save you money, between 50-75% on traditional body shop costs.

So if you would like to find out how we can help you or your business with our services don’t hesitate to call or email to request more information, quotation or meeting.

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