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Welcome to our 2nd newsletter .. Bringing you all the info on our fantastic alloy wheel refurbishment service

What better time of year to focus on our Alloy wheel refurbishment service.

Did you know that the Alloys on your car are the single most important aesthetic feature on your vehicle?

Or that wheels are such an important feature some manufacturers design their cars around the wheels??

Your car can look tatty if your wheels aren't in the best condition and it affects the whole over all look of your vehicle.
It also has a big impact on the re-sale value if you are ever thinking of selling it.

We know replacement wheels can cost hundreds of pounds.

Here are a couple of examples for vehicles we have completed recently.
Replacement set of BMW 3 series alloys 17" could cost you around £1700.00! a set  but were refurbished by us for £240.00
Replacement set of Audi A3 wheels 17"in excess of £2000.00! for a set and refurbished by us for £220.00

Our refurbishment service starts from £50.00 per wheel (depending on damage and your location) which as you can see is great value for money.

What is alloy wheel refurbishment from the Car Doctor - what will you get for your money?
Well expect the same highly professional, expert and reliable service using the same high quality materials that we provide for our body repairs, with the convenience of us completing the repairs at a time and place convenient for you and depending on the damage colour etc are usually completed between 3 to 6 hours.
If you would like to know the details of the process check out our webpage http://

How do I know if my wheels can be refurbished using this service?
Well if they are scuffed, scraped or scratched from kerbing or beginning to corrode then we can usually bring them back to like new using this service, usually the wheels will be the same colour all over e.g silver or black.  Unfortunately if they have a specialist finish i.e fine lathe marks similar to what the back of a CD looks like (diamond cut) or have a series of colours within them we cannot carry these out mobile for you as alloy wheel refurbishments.
But don't fear we can still assist you with these repairs but they will be carried out at the workshop and take longer usually around  3 days for a complete set.

So if your wheels are letting your vehicle down contact us and we will be happy to recommend the best cost effective solution for you.


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Welcome to our first newsletter...

It has been a really busy first couple of months of 2013 for The Car Doctor, so far we have launched our facebook  and  twitter pages. Our website has been fully refreshed and new services added such as  body work overhaul and detailing, and our ability to provide body shop repairs to you as well all our being added to enable us to meet our customers demands.

Our first newsletter is another step we are taking to keep customers past present and future up to date with updates and news from us, the SMART repair industry and car body care.

Each edition will spotlight a service we provide which is particularly suitable to the time of year and our first is  the Body Work Overhaul and detailing service.

So what is Body work overhaul? As we start to look forward to the end of the Winter some of our customers are calling for help to get their vehicles ready for the spring and summer unfortunately the sunshine shows up all the build up on our cars from grit and salt as well as fine scratches and cob webbing it may have caused

If your vehicle has swirl marks, minor scratching, cob webs, holograms, oxidisation or fading paintwork then we can help to remove them and bring your paintwork and vehicle back to its former glory.

What is included?

The 3 stages carried out are

Stage 1. Removal and preparation

Your vehicle is washed, and a special bar is used to remove tree sap, brake dust and road tar.

Stage 2. Scratch removal and touch ups

We remove all the fine scratches using special sand papers and techniques.
Remember that usually if you can catch your finger nail in a scratch then it is too deep to polish out.

Stage 3. Polish

Using special materials, tools and professional polishing compounds.

Stage 4. Wax

Wax is applied giving your paintwork clarity and shine, protecting against UV, swirling and helping with the repelling of dirt.

This service is specialised and takes a long time – up to a full day depending on the size of your vehicle. We are specialists and take time, use our experience, patience, specialist techniques products and tools to bring your car back to nearly new. We highly reccomend this service for luxury, executive and sports car owners.