The Car Doctor

Interior Upholstery Restoration Leather, Velour And Cloth

The Car Doctor, in Milton Keynes, is able to repair nearly any minor damage occurring inside your vehicle, either to the trims or the upholstery.

Upholstery – Using our special techniques we are able to fix damage such as burns, tears or scratches to leather, cloth or velour seats, carpets or head linings.

Trims – We can mend damage to the trim inside the vehicle such as scuffs, scratches or holes made by phone kits and other devices.

All the repairs are carried out using our state of the art technology and techniques and these are usually invisible.


cigarette burn repair beforeSeat burn example – Before
cigarette burn repair afterSeat burn example – After

In addition to restoring upholstery cigarette burns, tears, scratches, scuffs etc on vehicle interiors, The Car Doctor can fix any type of leather seat damage, i.e. leather sofas, armchairs, restaurant chair covers, pub or bar leather or cloth bench seating etc. Contact us and let us assess whether we can help restore your interior.